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You want to look dazzling on the dance floor? You want to give your dance partners a good feeling at milongas? Are you looking for inspiration and professional tips? I am a certified dance trainer and would be happy to support you in your next steps!

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Are you planning a gala evening, a company event, or a private celebration such as a wedding or anniversary and want to enrich the evening with a highlight? I might just have the idea for you!

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Please take a look here and make yourself an impression of my work.

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About me

As an enthusiastic dancer I compete internationally and teach people standard and latin dance, as well as argentine tango. On top of that I have an excellent eye for design and create impressive outfits for shows and training. To me, the most beautiful thing about dancing is the connection with the partner – the togetherness. It is not just about correct leading and following, but about the dialogue which creates the unity between two individuals and makes you move in harmony with the music.

To fully enjoy dancing, we need good basics:

  • Technique, to assure that you can perform movements as effortless as
  • Musicality. to create emotionality.
  • Fitness to prevent injuries and make your dance moves look easy.

You will learn this from me. Give it a try.


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This is what my students, customers & partners say


Natalia is a great dance partner – she has human kindness, is ambitious, and professional at a time. With her I was able to grow continuously, and together we have already achieved a lot.

David Wolfkuhl
Dance partner


The board of directors of “SC Melle 03” would like to thank Natalia Reichert for her work as a trainer in our dance sport department. All participants have always attended their courses with great enthusiasm. It is marvellous to have such a competent trainer as Natalia Reichert on our team.

Sebastian Diekmann
Board of directors, “SC Melle 03”


As a dance partner of many years, what I appreciate about Natalia is that she is so focussed and ambitious in bringing out the best of herself in every field. In dance sport this means constant improvement of technique. She also attaches great importance to expression and artistic design in her performance. She is fun to work with.

Malte Benecke
Dance partner till 2017


Natalia Reichert taught Standard and Latin to adult and youth couples in our club. She has also taken on the care of young tournament couples: She accompanied and supported them in their first tournaments. Since Natalia Reichert joined us, there has been encouraging growth in the youth sector. We thank you for your committed and successful development work.

Erhard Ressel
Head Chairman of “Grün-Gold-Herford”


Natalia Reichert led the training in a beginner’s and popular sports group in Standard and Latin dances in our dance sport department. Dance posture, step sequences, and technique formed a varied training program, so that good progress could be seen in all participants.

Head of Dance Sport Department “Osnabrücker Sportclub”


Thank you for your interest. I’d be happy if you’d write me a message here.