„I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.“

Mikhail Baryshnikov

What began as a rather random hobby in my childhood days has brought me to the top in German dancing: Four times Hamburg champion, second in the North German Championships, fifth place in the German rankings (2019), and participation in the World Championships (2019).

At the age of six I learned my first dance steps. At 15 it turned into a passion and I took off. Until I graduated from secondary school I spent more time in ballrooms than in the class room and danced at my first German championship at the age of twenty. After ascending to the highest class, I qualified as a trainer in Standard and Latin. And that’s exactly what I’ve been teaching passionately to hobby and tournament dancers since 2004.

In addition to that I gained experience in ballet, flamenco, oriental dance, and salsa.

At the same time I followed my adoration for haute couture and studied fashion design. Naturally I first went to Paris, THE fashion city, before I chose Hamburg as the centre of my world in 2010. Today I work as a freelance stylist and a fashion editor for well-known studios.


Together with my dance partner Malte Benecke, I realized myself artistically and from 2010 to 2014 traveled the world on cruise ships such as “MS Deutschland” (known from the TV series “Traumschiff”), “MS Europa” and “MS Amadea” with an extensive show programme. Sidney, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires were among the exciting places I went to.

Since 2017 I have been active in competitive sports again with David Wolfkuhl. We are four-time Hamburg champions and runner-ups in North Germany. We are also among the top ten in the German rankings.

In 2018 I discovered the Argentine Tango and lost my heart to it. Starting in 2019, I have been holding workshops with Nathan Leptin from Tango Addiction and have established myself as a trainer.

Natalia Reichert in einem weit schwingendem Tanzkleid

„Elegance is not
about being noticed, but about being remembered“

Giorgio Armani

Dance outfits should be noteworthy and stay in people’s mind and I know how to make that happen. The clothes I have designed lend the wearer a seductive charisma and ensure an impressive appearance.


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This is
what winners look like

Often the first visual impression is enough to recognize the winners of a competition.

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Natalia is a great dance partner – she has human kindness, is ambitious, and professional at a time. With her I was able to grow continuously, and together we have already achieved a lot.

David Wolfkuhl
Dance partner


The board of directors of “SC Melle 03” would like to thank Natalia Reichert for her work as a trainer in our dance sport department. All participants have always attended their courses with great enthusiasm. It is marvellous to have such a competent trainer as Natalia Reichert on our team.

Sebastian Diekmann
Board of directors, “SC Melle 03”


As a dance partner of many years, what I appreciate about Natalia is that she is so focussed and ambitious in bringing out the best of herself in every field. In dance sport this means constant improvement of technique. She also attaches great importance to expression and artistic design in her performance. She is fun to work with.

Malte Benecke
Dance partner till 2017


Natalia Reichert taught Standard and Latin to adult and youth couples in our club. She has also taken on the care of young tournament couples: She accompanied and supported them in their first tournaments. Since Natalia Reichert joined us, there has been encouraging growth in the youth sector. We thank you for your committed and successful development work.

Erhard Ressel
Head Chairman of “Grün-Gold-Herford”


Natalia Reichert led the training in a beginner’s and popular sports group in Standard and Latin dances in our dance sport department. Dance posture, step sequences, and technique formed a varied training program, so that good progress could be seen in all participants.

Head of Dance Sport Department “Osnabrücker Sportclub”