„Practice like you’ve never won, perform like you’ve never lost.“

 Bernard F. Asuncion

Good dancing is an expression of personality AND a testimony of convincing technique. If you just want to pick up a few steps for the next celebration or your desire is to get started in competition – I’ll teach you the basics with which you can make a strong performance. – With 15 years of experience as a trainer, it has been particularly important to me to pass on my enthusiasm for dancing. Because once your passion has been awakened, you can rise above yourself as a dancer.

Work with me

Private lessons

Taking private lessons is the fastest way to make progress in your dancing because you will be intensively coached as a couple or individually.

Together we shall analyse your needs and systematically improve your movement sequences. It is important to me to convey principles to the dancers so that they can independently transfer these to further step combinations.


Book a workshop if you want to develop yourself in a specific theme. This can be, for example, „connection in the couple“, „characteristics of the dances“ or „self-presentation at the tournament“. Here we have plenty of time to experiment and consolidate what we have learned.


Dancing well is no guarantee of making it into the top ranks at a competition.  Despite performing well, the disappointment can be devastating. We need attributes such as frustration tolerance, motivation, good communication skill within the couple, self-discipline, and systematic work in order to be belong to the top-brass in competitive sports on a long term basis. In a personal coaching we shall work on your strengths and resources.